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What is B2B Booth?

B2B Booth is a web-based vendor collaboration solution that enables businesses to electronically integrate with each other for online trade shows, conferencing and communication; order booking and purchasing; business transactions; marketing and advertising; invoicing, customer service functions, and more.

Recession Proof Yourself

Current economic times require trimming budgets and getting more 'bang for your buck'. Imagine a trade show/conference/meeting with no costs for transportation, hotels, hospitality, or booths, and just a minimal cost for exhibit space. That's what our B2B Booth's vendor trade and collaboration services have to offer.

Vendors can take advantage of our virtual B2B Booth platform to save on travel costs and meeting expenses. Our virtual trade show and collaboration services offer the perfect economical solution for vendors to showcase their wares, to interact with clients and engage in business transactions.

Push Your Sales Boundaries

B2B Booth's&trade virtual trade show and collaboration services offer you cutting edge designs, and the ability to impress your clients and business partners through virtual showrooms and displays that showcase your products professionally and aesthetically, thereby adding value to your commodities and ultimately, business.

Increase Your Visibility

Owing to the low overhead, you can maintain a round-the-clock virtual showroom, which gives you greater visibility. Using our services you can provide updated information of interest to clients either via email, or SMS notifications.

The Future Is Green

B2B Booth's virtual showrooms and collaborative services give your company the "green" edge. Lowering environmental impact is an increasingly important goal for many companies. Tax incentives for cutting fuel costs are also likely to increase, making virtual exhibits even more attractive.

Trade shows are an invaluable tool for businesses to reach their target markets and prospective customers. Have you ever wondered if trade shows are more of a drain on your organization than a benefit? When you quantify the return on the investment of sending one of your employees to a trade show, are you worried about it adding up?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, B2B Booth has a solution to your trade show woes. In an age where remote communication is key, the archaic method of presenting your company and your product side by side with your competition is about to become obsolete. No more wondering which trade shows to attend. No more worrying about your competition and which trade shows they are attending that you cannot afford.

To learn more about how B2B Booth can help you globalize your market share while saving you time, money and stress, Read More Here

What you can do with B2B Booth

  • Manage Your Trade Show Catalog
  • Invite Potential Clients
  • Setup Appointments With Clients
  • Initiate Sales Processes
  • Cut Travel & Setup Costs
  • Formulate Repeatable Trade Strategies
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  • Information Management

    Information Management features enable vendors to manage inventory, product and client information. Quickly and easily upload and manage your all your information from a single user friendly interface.

  • Collaboration Services

    B2B Booth's collaborative services suite provides an interface between your business and your client for interacting and collaborating electronically and online. Features include collaborative view sharing and 3D product showcasing.

  • Order Management

    B2B Booth's order management system automates and streamlines the processes related to order booking, purchasing, order and packing slip generation, order acknowledgements, shipping, invoicing, customer service functions and other order management related tasks. Significant paperwork, manual processes and expenses associated with order transactions are eliminated.