The Concept

B2B Booth was developed to directly address the needs of hundreds of thousands of small, medium and large businesses. Simply put, B2B Booth is a venue for virtual trade shows. It facilitates the interfacing of sellers and buyers across a wide range of commodities and locations.

By utilizing B2B Booth's solutions and services, your company will have the advantage of showcasing products, interacting with your business clients and partners and conducting business transactions online in a highly professional and engaging electronic setting.

Clients and You


  • Inventory management and control
    • Keep track of your products and their specs with our unique trade show setup utility.
    • Manage your inventory as sales requests are made and processed.
    • Keep up to date on the status of all orders.
  • Live Presentation Module
    • Invite your clients to a live presentation of your trade show.
    • Manage attendees and their attendance
    • Chat live with your attendees to inform them about your brand and your company
  • Product Presentation
    • Present the details about your product including price, description, dimensions and history.
    • Easy to view interface makes it quick and comfortable for your clients to process the information you are presenting.
    • Display your products in 3D for your clients

Join B2B Booth today and begin to transform your sales force with the efficient and time-saving methods that B2B Booth offers.
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